The Ramos Family Acrobatic shows

The Ramos Acrobats are now available to perform in your event with an amazing act including breath taking acrobatics stunts

Street Festivals and corporate events 2013

The remarkable Ramos Acrobats are back with their prestigious world-class acrobatic act, the show is perfect for any themed events.  The Ramos Acrobats have many years of experience in street festivals and are one of the biggest crowd pullers in the UK. A must have in your festival with up to 2 x 30 minutes shows daily.

Cabaret Shows

The Ramos Acrobats are very adaptable and can tailor the shows to suit your needs the Ramos Family has an incredible indoor show featuring acrobatic moves never seen before


The Act provided by The Ramos’s will be an asset to your Event, using cutting-edge creativity at your Arena.  The incredible stunts are Epic   and will stay in your audience minds forever.

Self contained Act



contact :

+44 (0)871-245-3012 


Please find a selection of photographs from The Ramos Acrobats Tour!



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+44 (0)871-245-3012