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Contortionist Anita Ramos

Anita Ramos

has been a fantastic role model to Woman and in particular Mum’s which gave her the opportunity to appear as a regular Panalist on BBC Radio Sheffield!

Even after having 3 children she has managed to keep in amazing shape and performs as a Contortionist and acrobat alongside Her Family. . She’s appeared in many Woman’s Magazines showing off her sporty figure and talking about Her fitness regime and diet plan to keep fit and healthy! She began Her Career as a professional dancer specialising in Musical Theatre! She then met up with Her Husband Marcelo de Ramos and worked as a duo act performing International in places such as Canada and Singapore and all over the UK. Most notable performance working alongside Marcelo “Performing at Wembley Arena on Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon Tour”! Anita is also a Zumba Teacher and Personal Trainer and has made many TV appearances most recognised in the UK for Channel 4’s Wife Swap.
Anita’s most dangerous stunt: Sliding down a 10 foot tube which is balanced on top of a table with her body folded in two!

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  • Jordan Contortion

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Acrobat Tumbler Jordan Ramos

Tumbler  Gymnast Jordan

has achieved many amazing things in His life. He began training Gymnastics and Acrobatics at the age of 2 years old and by the time He’d reached his 10th  Birthday He became a British Tumbling Gymnastic Champion.  Jordan has since gone onto to win this title 5 times and has represented Great Britain in 3 World Junior Championships and 1 European  Competition, Ranking top five in two of the World competitions and winning a gold medal at the Loule World Cup in Portugal and a Silver European medal in France.  Jordan’s talents don’t just lie in Gymnastic Competitions. When He was just 13 Years old He broke a Guinness World Record for the longest slam dunk from a Trampoline at an incredible 7 metres on a program call “Guinness World Records Smashed for Sky1. He has since increased His world record performing the slam dunk on TV programs around the world in Countries such as China, Italy and Holland.  Jordan has also made many  other TV appearances on programs like Blue Peter, The BBC Breakfast Show, Soccer AM  to name but a few and has had the honour to perform his slam dunk at London’s famous O2 Arena during an International Basketball Game.  Jordan is also excelling as an actor having already made an appearance in the mini epic drama produced for the BBC called “The Virgin Queen, which starred Ann Marie Duff!

Jordan’s Most Dangerous stunt:  Slam Dunk World Record!

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  • jordan ramos

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Stuntman Acrobat Marcelo the Daredevil

Marcelo better known as Marcelo the Daredevil

started His training at the Brazilian National Circus in Rio De Janeiro and made His first TV appearance at the age of 13 on Brazilian TV performing as an Acrobatic! Marcelo is not only an amazing speciality stunt performer with tricks such as diving through hoops of razor sharp knifes He’s also a great showman and is brilliant at physical stand-up Comedy performing! Marcelo also Coaches His Son’s Jordan and Samuel Ramos Gymnastic and is a Master of Capoeira, which is a Brazilian Martial Art Form discovered by African Slaves. Marcelo has appeared on UK TV with people such as singing sensation Donny Osmond and Hollywood Actor Tom Hardy! Marcelo is a multi -talented performer having appeared in commercials for Carlsberg and Tango, He’s probably best known in the UK for His appearance on ITV’s Hit Show Britain’s Got Talent were during his performance He summersaulted backwards over a Car!

Marcelo’s most dangerous stunt: All of them!

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